Generic Name: Ziac

What is Ziac?

Esomeprazole: Proton pump inhibitors, such as esomeprazole, have been associated with hypomagnesemia. Proton pump inhibitors, such as esomeprazole, have been associated with hypomagnesemia. Ethanol: Ethanol interacts with antihypertensive agents by potentiating their hypotensive effect.

Etodolac: Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDs may reduce the natriuretic effect of diuretics in some patients. Etomidate: General anesthetics can potentiate the antihypertensive effects of beta-blockers and can produce prolonged hypotension. Exenatide: Beta-adrenergic blockade may prevent the appearance of certain premonitory signs and symptoms pulse rate and pressure changes of acute hypoglycemia. Felodipine: Coadministration of felodipine and bisoprolol can reduce angina and improve exercise tolerance.

Fenoprofen: Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDs may reduce the natriuretic effect of diuretics in some patients. Fentanyl: Fentanyl may reduce the efficacy of diuretics due to induction of the release of antidiuretic hormone.

Tue, Nov 27 '12, 10:02 PM picture of generic ziac Post a Reply roundvery light blue, M on one side, 503 on other side. Updated 8 years ago in Ziac. Sun, Aug 10 '08, 10:01 AM Can I take Pepcid if taking Ziac 1 Reply RSS I've been taking the perscription drug Ziac for hypertension for 2 months.

In the last week I have developed bad heartburn. There is a whole list of medications that cannot be mixed with Ziac. Pepcid or antacids are not one of them. Updated 11 years ago in Ziac.

Wed, Jun 14 '06, 8:16 AM Can I Take Triamterene In Place Of Ziac 1 Reply RSS i ran out of ziac 25mg and was woundering if i could take triamterene 37. Ziac contains the active ingredients Bisoprolol and Hydrochlorothiazide, which combines to medications for better blood pressure or cardiac control, so the Triamterene may not work as well by itself. In addition, you may experience rebound effects from not taking the Ziac, which could result in dangerous elevations of your heart rate and blood pressure.

Learn more Triamterene details here. Have you tried contacting your doctor. In most cases, when you have a condition that requires treatment with these medications, they will phone you in a few days worth, until you can get in for an appointment. Updated 4 years ago in Triamterene. Tue, Jul 03 '12, 3:24 PM I took ziac for a years and notice my pulse rate is low 1 Reply RSS Is Ziac medication will damage my heart in a long run, my pulse rate before was between 60 and 70.

How should I take Ziac?

Do not take extra medicine to make up the missed dose. Overdose symptoms may include confusion, leg cramps, numbness and tingling, slow heartbeats or fainting. Ask your doctor before using an antacid, and use only the type your doctor recommends.

This is not a complete list of side effects and others may occur. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects.

What should I avoid while taking Ziac?

To learn more click on the link below. They may be able to suggest an alternative medication, or prescribe separate tablets of the Bisoprolol and Hydrochlorothiazide. Updated 5 years ago in Hydrochlorothiazide, HCTZ. I was concerned that the Doc started me off with such a high dose of 100 mg of Losartan when the internet says the starting dose is 50mg.

Hi Charlie, I'm sure your doctor only prescribed what he thought would benefit you, however it is your body and if you are not comfortable with the dosage you should definitely speak with him. He may have prescribed you a larger dose to compete with the Ziac that could still be lingering in your system.

In regards to your blood pressure raising while on Ziac, I can't find any information that says high blood pressure is a side effect of the medication since that is what it's supposed to. Updated 4 years ago in Losartan.

Ziac side effects

Fri, Jun 25 '10, 12:18 PM The Dose Post a Reply i have hypertension with maintenance of ziac 2. Fri, Dec 07 '12, 6:28 PM medications interactions 1 Reply RSS Please help!!. Can you take Ziac and Adderall together. Both of the medication labels indicate that they interact with one another but neither my doctor or pharmacist warned against.

Fri, Jun 25 '10, 1:17 PM B13 1 Reply RSS Heart shape around LL Located a match it's Ziac active ingredient Bisoprolol 5 mg and Hydrochlorothiazide 6. To learn more click on the link below.

Common Ziac ide effects may include:

  • Because of the relative beta1-selectivity of bisoprolol fumarate, ZIAC may be used with caution in patients with bronchospastic disease who do not respond to, or who cannot tolerate other antihypertensive treatment.

  • In rat studies, bisoprolol was fetotoxic increased late resorptions and maternotoxic decreased food intake and body weight gain.

  • I have been using Ultram from past.

  • Could this be Ziac and what else can I use to get the BP down with the Serzone and Altace.

My ex-husband was taking Ziac also for his high blood pressure and his pulse rate become so low from 44 down to 38, he went to the emergency room right away and the doctor decided to put a pacemaker connected to his heart. It is normal for this medication to lower your pulse rate, somewhat, that's part of how it helps your blood pressure.

It relaxes the blood vessels, but should not do actual damage. If they installed a pacemaker for your ex-husband, then it's likely they found that his going that low was due to some other.

Where can I get more information?

  • Learn about high blood pressure numbers.

  • Does Ziac interact with other medications.