Generic Name: Topamax

What is Topamax?

The pharmacokinetic profile of the extended release formulation is non linear at 25 mg due to binding of topiramate to carbonic anhydrase in red blood cells. The peak plasma concentration was 24 hours after a single 200 mg oral dose of the extended release formulation.

It is also bioequivalent to immediate-release tablet that has been administered twice-daily. When topiramate is given to elderly and young adults, the maximum plasma concentration was achieved in 1 to 2 hours. PharmacodynamicsTopiramate is an anticonvulsant indicated in the treatment of epilepsy and migraine.

Topiramate enhances GABA-activated chloride channels. In addition, topiramate inhibits excitatory neurotransmission, through actions on kainate and AMPA receptors. There is evidence that topiramate has a specific effect on GluR5 kainate receptors.

This isn't a situation where you just go blind. Some people are using it for weight loss and I'm not in favor of that. MJK MD by Rx817, May 08, 2010 What will happen if I stop taken Topomax without titrating off. I have been on Topomax for 5 years, have had all the side effects you can possibly have.

Recently my wife aged 26 with zero eye problems received the generic version of Topamax In SA from her psychiatrist. Basically she's treated for migraine problems and receives other medications and mood stabalizers for that reason. She started gaining weight, and the doctor suggested a mood stabalizer in order for her to loose weight while using the other antidepressants.

Thank God we went to see a specialist immediately. I don't have a problem with side-effects, but if those side-effects take away one of your senses or limbs. Luckily I live in SA, because if my wife turns blind, I'll end up on the front cover of the local newspaper. I was told I needed this medication to keep the pressure down in the brain to keep me from going blind and it was a rest of my life kind of thing.

Up until last year I had never taken any medications, suddenly I had to go on Omeprazole for GERD another doctor and Singulair another doctor. I hate taking medication and I have done what I was told to do, watch what I eat and exercise. I have lost weight, 40 pounds since September however I would not saw that it was that medication I have been diligent at what I have been doing.

I still do not understand how an antiseizure medication keeps the pressure down in my brain and reading what you say bothers me.

How should I take Topamax?

How long until the patient feels the effects of Topiramate. What is the side effect profile of Topiramate. The five side effects that were most likely to cause people to discontinue use of Topiramate were psychomotor slowing, fatigue, memory problems, confusion, and somnolence. What psychiatric side effects do people who take Topiramate experience. How does Topiramate interact with prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Is it safe to take Topiramate and drink alcohol. If you drink while taking Topiramate, then you may experience more intense side effects. Is it safe to take Topiramate if you are pregnant.

What should I avoid while taking Topamax?

The potential for serious side effects in nursing infants is unknown. If you want to breastfeed your baby, check with your doctor about what seizure medicine would be best for you. Topamax is often prescribed for people over 65 with epilepsy. Seniors have poorer kidney function than young adults, however, and Topamax is eliminated from the body by the kidneys. So dosages of Topamax for seniors should be smaller, to keep the medication from building up in the body.

Seniors also may be more sensitive to the side effects of Topamax, such as problems with their thinking.

Topamax side effects

What should I avoid while taking Topiramate. What happens if I overdose with Topiramate. A specific treatment to reverse the effects of topiramate does not exist. What are possible side effects of Topiramate. Common Side Effects Thinking problems: slow thoughts, trouble finding the right word, confusion Feeling clumsy, unsteady, dizzy, tired, weak, or nervous Rare Side Effects Mood or behavior changes: aggression, agitation, apathy, irritability, and depression Increased eye pressure, abnormal eye movements, hearing problems ringing, buzzing and decreased hearing Stomach pain, loss of appetite, change in the way food tastes, weight loss Fever, chills, sore throat, and menstrual changes.

Sexual problems, painful urination, kidney stones and bladder control problems Itching, nosebleeds, pale skin, blisters, allergy skin rash, swelling, troubled breathingyellow eyes or skin, easy bruising Are there any risks for taking Topiramate for long periods of time.

What other medications may interact with Topiramate. How long does it take for Topiramate to work.

Common Topamax ide effects may include:

  • Women who use pills for birth control should talk to the doctor who prescribed them right away if they start taking Topamax.

  • But if you take a closer look - the hair loss information may be there, but in disguise, referred to as Alopecia.

  • That just means, as with adults, knowing how serious the migriane attacks are, and making the judgement call on whether or not the treatment is "worth it".

  • The study had shown pregnant users experienced a 21 times increase in having babies with cleft palette and lip.

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Where can I get more information?

  • The addition of HCTZ to topiramate therapy may require an adjustment of the topiramate dose.

  • This is why it is important for manufacturers like Ortho-McNeil to present all of the benefits and potential risks to the FDA prior to selling pharmaceuticals.