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Such drug-induced symptoms are far worse than any underlying problems a person might have. Even more damning is the evidence that the damage caused by these drugs can be permanent.

Many types of psychiatric drugs, including the major tranquilizers, can cause lasting, grotesquely disfiguring nerve damage known as tardive dyskinesia or tardive dystonia. The muscles of the face and body contort and spasm involuntarily, drawing the face into hideous scowls and grimaces and twisting the body into bizarre contortions.

Psychiatrists theorize that these drugs damage the muscle-control portion of the brain in a way that makes it permanently "supersensitive" to messages passing down nerve pathways into the brain. The result is that this portion of the brain becomes permanently deranged. While the precise location of this brain damage is not known with certainty, there is no question that it exists.

It is clearly visible in the faces of its tragic victims. In the same way that major tranquilizers can throw the muscle-control portion of the brain into chaos, they also can make the thought-control area of the brain supersensitive, driving the person permanently insane. A 1980 study published in The American Journal of Psychiatry described 10 patients who suffered from this condition, which has been labeled "supersensitivity psychosis. In the second, the insanity that emerges upon withdrawal from the psychiatric drug is persistent and may be irreversible.

In the third stage, the psychosis is evident even while the patient is taking the psychiatric drugs. The study notes that, when this stage is reached, "in most cases" the person is doomed to be insane for life.

This condition has created thousands of tortured victims, permanently destroyed, cast out of mental institutions to forage in garbage cans while wrestling with inner terrors implanted in their minds by psychiatric drugs.

How should I take Thorazine?

She worked in a long-term mental health hospital and saw what it did to people. No family could visit, I was strapped to the bed which was bolted to the floor. I will never forget that and other injustices that have happened in my life. Moderator, take your charge and do whatever you feel necessary with this post. I wrote it for me and not for a young person who is just innocently looking for alternative treatment.

This and the new outlook on Electro-shock treatment as far as I am concerned will only lead to a new outlook on lobotomies and I worked in a mental hospital where there was a woman who had had a lobotomy gone wrong because she was an agitator and they did it to calm her down. She was 58 when I started caring for her.

What should I avoid while taking Thorazine?

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Thorazine side effects

You would need to contact an attorney to find out if you have an actionable case. Privacy Policy Free Help and Consultation Call 800-782-2878 SIGN UP FOR THE LATEST NEWS 02 Feb What are some of the major Thorazine side effects. Since depression may be caused by an underlying physical condition, it may be possible to handle it through examination and recommendation by a competent doctor or nutritionist. CCHR March 16, 2017 Reply You would need to contact an attorney to find out if you have an actionable case.

I added it to the order, what the hell, i dont think i'll go broke adding another 25 cents for something which i know nothing about. Got the package today. Me and a friend plan to take a dose of this one night, when we're bored, not that i think it will have any rec. Also how long will the effects last.

Common Thorazine ide effects may include:

  • Dosage should not be increased until these side effects have subsided.

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  • Side effects cannot be anticipated.

  • Panetti Doesn't Need Mental Health Treatment, Prison Doctor SaysI'd encourage the more borderline audience members to ready their Thorazine pills.

READ MORE Like Click here to login before answering a question thiefofhearts82 thiefofhearts82 absolutely NOT. READ MORE Like Click here to login before answering a question VIEW MORE ANSWERS Share Related Questions Thorazine Infusion. Will Thorazine help treat severe insomnia.

Has anyone had Thorazine infusions for headaches that won't stop.

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