Generic Name: Rhinocort

What is Rhinocort?

This is most often associated with repeated treatments or high doses. This medication can impact your kidney function. Call your doctor or nurse if you do not urinate for more than 12 hours.

This medication may cause interstitial pneumonitis, particularly when high doses have been received. These problems can develop months to years after treatment is completed and may be more common in people with pre-existing lung conditions. Notify your healthcare provider if you develop fever, shortness of breath, non productive cough, wheezing or difficulty breathing.

This medication can cause liver toxicity, which your doctor may monitor for using blood tests called liver function tests. Notify your healthcare provider if you notice yellowing of the skin or eyes, your urine appears dark or brown or pain in your abdomen, as these can be signs of liver toxicity. Radiation recall is when the administration of a medication causes a skin reaction that looks like a sunburn redness, swelling, soreness, peeling skin in areas where radiation was previously given.

Notify your oncology team if you notice this side effect. Treatment can include topical steroid ointments and a delay in your next chemotherapy dose.

Mycophenolate: Because methotrexate is an immunosuppressant, additive affects may be seen with other immunosuppressives. Nabumetone: In general, NSAID therapy can decrease the clearance of methotrexate, resulting in elevated and prolonged serum methotrexate levels.

Naproxen: In general, NSAID therapy can decrease the clearance of methotrexate, resulting in elevated and prolonged serum methotrexate levels. Natalizumab: The concomitant use of natalizumab and immunosuppressives may further increase the risk of infections over the risk observed with use of natalizumab alone.

The safety and efficacy of natalizumab in combination with immunosuppressants has not been evaluated. Patients receiving chronic immunosuppressant therapy should not ordinarily be treated with natalizumab. Also, natalizumab for Crohn's disease should not be used in combination with methotrexate. Neomycin: Oral neomycin has been shown to inhibit the gastrointestinal absorption of methotrexate. Caution is warranted with concomitant use. Nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs: In general, NSAID therapy can decrease the clearance of methotrexate, resulting in elevated and prolonged serum methotrexate levels.

Olaparib: Use caution if coadministration of olaparib with methotrexate is necessary, due to an increased risk of methotrexate-related adverse reactions. Methotrexate is a BCRP substrate. Olaparib is an in vitro BCRP inhibitor, although the clinical relevance is unknown.

How should I take Rhinocort?

Prior or concurrent cranial irradiation has been associated with leukoencephalopathy. Psoriasis lesions may be aggravated by the concurrent use of methotrexate and ultraviolet radiation therapy. Patients with prior radiation dermatitis or sunburn may experience recall reactions during methotrexate therapy.

Due to methotrexate-induced photosensitivity, patients should use a sunscreen with a SPF of at least 15 during sunlight UV exposure. Malignant lymphomas may occur in patients receiving low-dose methotrexate. Malignant lymphomas may regress following withdrawal of methotrexate and thus, may not require cytotoxic treatment. Discontinue methotrexate first and if the lymphoma does not regress, institute appropriate treatment.

What should I avoid while taking Rhinocort?

Hepatobiliary: disorders, hepatotoxicity, acute hepatitis, chronic fibrosis and cirrhosis, decrease in serum albumin, liver enzyme elevations. Infection: There have been case reports of sometimes fatal opportunistic infections in patients receiving methotrexate therapy for neoplastic and non-neoplastic diseases.

Skin: erythematous rashes, pruritus, urticaria, photosensitivity, pigmentary changes, alopecia, ecchymosis, telangiectasia, acne, furunculosis, erythema multiforme, toxic epidermal necrolysis, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, skin necrosis, skin ulceration, and exfoliative dermatitis.

Anaphylactoid reactions have been reported. Virtually all of these patients were on concomitant nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and some were also taking low dosages of corticosteroids. Leucovorin administration should begin as promptly as possible.

As the time interval between methotrexate administration and leucovorin initiation increases, the effectiveness of leucovorin in counteracting toxicity decreases. Monitoring of the serum methotrexate concentration is essential in determining the optimal dose and duration of treatment with leucovorin.

Rhinocort side effects

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Generic Rheumatrex is followed by other medications, after they have been tried without successful treatment of symptoms. Generic Rheumatrex is prescribed for the treatment of certain kinds of cancer of the breast, skin, head and neck, or lung. It is also prescribed for treating intense psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis. Common side effects caused by this medication are headache, blurred vision, nausea, tiredness, and vomiting, upset stomach, bleeding of your gums, blurred vision, and dizziness.

Common Rhinocort ide effects may include:

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  • A very serious allergic reaction to this drug is rare.

  • Contact your doctor immediately at the first sign of any infection or illness.

  • But a woman took the medicine every 12 hours for 6 days in a row.

Precautionary measures are needed for patients aged 60 years and up. Special PrecautionsBefore taking the drug, inform your doctor of any known food or drug allergies.

Special precautions must be taken in patients with liver disease, kidney disease, lung disease, bone marrow or blood cell disorders, suppressed immune system or alcohol use.

Your doctor should also know about intestinal or stomach diseases, folic acid deficiency, active infection or exposure to chicken pox. The medication causes hypersensitivity to the sun so skin should always be protected when outdoors.

Where can I get more information?

  • Your doctor may also start you on a low dose of the medicine and gradually increase your dose.

  • As a result, cytotoxic medications can have serious long term side effects.