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This is the main screen of the free Simply Measured Instagram report. View basic information about your Instagram account on the Scorecard tab. On the Postings tab, see your Instagram post history. See your Instagram posts by year and month and day and time. Related Posts5 Tools to Measure Instagram Hashtag PerformanceHow to Research Your Competitors on InstagramGoogle Analytics and Social Media: What Marketers Need to Know About the Author, Jill Holtz Jill Holtz is co-founder of Digital4Sales.

Looking to get more Instagram followers. In just one click, your visitors can find and follow you on Instagram. Followers can engage with your products or images on Instagram, helping you increase awareness and drive traffic back to your website. ActivateGet simple and stylish share, follow and recommended content tools that help you grow your website. Looking for more social buttons. Get the full suite of AddThis share and follow buttons. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Instagram's rules are that you cannot post anything violent or pornographic, and no one under 13 can use Instagram. If someone is posting something against the rules, you can click the button at the top right hand corner of their profile and "report" them. Warnings Avoid sharing photos containing personal information, especially if you have not configured your Privacy settings adequately.

This includes anything with your home address or contact details e. When attempting to add location data to photos, the Instagram app will prompt you to choose Allow or Don't Allow access to your device's location information.

Instagram has shied away from this topic and have not explicitly stated what causes a shadow ban or that these bans even exist, but in my professional opinion, shadowbans are based on your actions.

This issue is rapidly developing so if I find out any new information or possible remedies I will be certain to add them to this blog post. Want to learn how to attract more followers, increase your engagement and make more sales. Alex, thank you for this. I did notice a lower engagement rate mainly likes when I started on my account again, but I just figured it was from the newer algorithm changes.

Their changes, I have noticed, are making it more of a challenge to grow our accounts, but I broke the 400 likes mark on my last post, so I still have hope. I am all new to this and had only started this account about 2 wks ago so with 60 followers.

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That being said, the support that I received when asking about a certain functionality I was looking for was fantastic. They were quick to respond and immediately gave me potential solutions. I've been using a different Instagram plugin on my site, but saw this implemented recently so I tested it against the other plugin - and this one wins hands down.

I don't want borders or drop shadows or to emulate what instagram's home page looks like-- I want my photos pulled from that service and displayed on my website in a way that matches the rest of my work and my other galleries. Great support, fantastic plugin.

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They share it with friends, who share it with friends, and so on. That gives the account a reach far wider than its following. Check this note UpletBulk Instagram uploader for Mac Uplet makes uploading to Instagram from Mac real.

First of all - you can do everything from your Mac and its convenient keyboard. Uplet helps you share multiple photos in one click, while keeping their resolution and quality. Instagram video now added. Now Uplet knows how to share videos on Instagram.

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  • This year we will continue to act on that commitment and also focus on fostering kindness.

  • In July 2014, it released Bolt, a messaging app where users click on a friend's profile photo to quickly send an image, with the content disappearing after being seen.

  • There are also clear benefits for privacy-conscious users, who would be able to exercise greater control over who gets to see their updates.

  • More about badges Request a badgeFact Checkers contribute questions, information and facts to The Fact Checker.

I could quickly set my preferences and add the plugin's shortcode to my photos page, and there my photos were. I one time noticed that my photos weren't loading, and I emailed support. I consider it to be highly invaluable to the success of my websiteSearched high and low for an Instagram feed that just looks good and is simple to install.

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  • Source: VergeIn this article: android, applenews, beta, facebook, friendslist, gear, instagram, ios, mobile, photos, snapchat, test, update 287 Shares Share Tweet Share Save Comments Sign In 24m 24m ago in Medicine Artificial iris responds to light like real eyes Just shine some light at it.

  • Enter your Instagram account name in the text box.