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Your photos form part of this massive load of data and could be open for the world to see. Take Instagram for example. Industries that once provided employment and growth opportunity for all communities have dwindled. On Instagram alone, the estimated number of users in the United States was 77. As of June 2016, there are over 500 million active monthly users on Instagram.

More and more people are using this social media platform for either personal or marketing needs. The community has grown to a huge degree and there are currently over 500 million active monthly users. More than half of those users are logging in daily. There are over 600 million monthly users, and 400 million daily users of IG source.

I would love instagram to return to the chronological feed but I think that it will never happen…Thank YOU for reading. Even with my modest following I have been approached by companies that want to utilise these types of dodgy tactics. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITING THIS. They where excluded from the community but they are now instagram stars earning a lot of money with fake followers and likes. This was well before the new algorithm…is seems that instagram has always inspired cheaters.

Ciao IgnazioHey Ignazio, thanks for reading. A pity that Instagram has gotten too big to care about the people who are using it.

I started insta to be part of a bookish community and now i hate every second of it. Hopefully something else comes up and makes Instagram a thing of the past. Maybe give it a second read buddy. Thanks for writing about this.

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In China, WeChat also has more users. But last year, you might have said there was a question whether a picture-based service like Instagram could have reached similar scale - whether it was universal enough, whether there were enough people whose phones could handle it, whether it could survive greater competition from newer photo networks like Snapchat. Maybe those problems or others will rear up in the future, and growth could yet stall.

But for now, Instagram seems to have overcome any perceived hurdles. For instance, after Instagram began Stories - the video-slide show feature it took from Snapchat - it spent a month adding speed improvements for international markets. Are we copying Ford, or is this a new mode of transportation that everyone is going to have different takes on.

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See your Instagram posts by year and month and day and time. Related Posts5 Tools to Measure Instagram Hashtag PerformanceHow to Research Your Competitors on InstagramGoogle Analytics and Social Media: What Marketers Need to Know About the Author, Jill Holtz Jill Holtz is co-founder of Digital4Sales.

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Alex, thank you for this. I did notice a lower engagement rate mainly likes when I started on my account again, but I just figured it was from the newer algorithm changes. Their changes, I have noticed, are making it more of a challenge to grow our accounts, but I broke the 400 likes mark on my last post, so I still have hope. I am all new to this and had only started this account about 2 wks ago so with 60 followers. Maybe I should just start all over again.

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McCaig's Tower, Oban View this photo on Instagram 22. Kilchurn Castle, Argyll and Bute View this photo on Instagram 23. Luskentyre, Isle of Harris View this photo on Instagram 24.

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  • I actually wish that all of Instagram were more like pods, supportive, fun etcWhoa.