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I am now unemployed due to my illness and desperate for relief so I am considering Geodon again since now I can have as much sleep as I need. Do you think I can take geodone to add to take or get off one of them. I have checked out literally ALL the psychiatrists in this city and NONE except a state funded mental health Treatment facility that accommodates the homeless.

I left after that one appointment never to return. Medicare and Medicaid are NOT accepted. I just started Geodon at a small dose and only at night. Im taking it tonight with about 500 calories in hopes that it will help dramatically with the side effects. I have a question does it matter if you eat before or after taking the med. I woke up the day after I took my first dose and thought I was blind.

It just so happens I was the opposite. I take Geodon twice a day, been on it about 2mths so far.

You can learn more about this drug on the page for Geodon Details Updated 4 years ago. This drug is most commonly used to treat schizophrenia. I do not have any of the disorders that it says it's to treat. Is this a ggod idea. My doctor believes that Geodan can help treat bipolar disorder and axiety or panic attatacks. Ziprasidone has also received approval for acute treatment of mania and mixed states associated with bipolar disorder. Ziprasidone received a black box warning due to increased mortality in elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis.

It also slightly increases the QTc interval in some patients and increases the risk of a potentially lethal type of heart arrythmia known as torsades de pointes. To learn more side effects click on the link below. Yes, this is a generic for Geodon, it contains Ziprasadone 80mgs.

How should I take Generic Geodon?

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Home Geodon Posts Geodon Side Effects Geodon Information Add to my Topics Side effects and experiences with Geodon by users like you. Raeofdreams- over a year ago - in Geodon if gAds.

What should I avoid while taking Generic Geodon?

Lithium - Co-administration of ziprasidone had no effect on the pharmacokinetics of lithium. There are limited data on co-medication with the mood stabiliser carbamazepine. Serotonergic medicinal products In isolated cases, there have been reports of serotonin syndrome temporally associated with the therapeutic use of ziprasidone in combination with other serotonergic medicinal products such as SSRIs see section 4. Protein binding Ziprasidone extensively binds to plasma proteins.

Pregnancy No studies have been conducted in pregnant women. Breast-feeding It is not known whether ziprasidone is excreted in breast milk. Go to top of the page5. Further information on clinical trials Schizophrenia In a 52 week study, ziprasidone was effective in maintaining the clinical improvement during continuation therapy in patients who showed an initial treatment response: there was no clear evidence for a dose-response relationship amongst the ziprasidone groups.

Generic Geodon side effects

If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember. If it is near the time of the next dose, skip themissed dose and resume your usual dosing schedule.

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Common Generic Geodon ide effects may include:

  • Daelia--don't let what she and I have said about geodon deter you from trying it, though, unless you don't feel safe with it.

  • I am convinced this drug made him nosedive.

  • Keep in mind, though, that some people may need to continue taking Geodon to most effectively control their symptoms of schizophrenia despite developing TD.

  • And I also had a friend that had the same thing happen to her but with the shots instead of the pill of geodon.

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  • Efficacy in schizophrenia was demonstrated in a dose range of 20 mg to 100 mg twice daily in shortterm, placebo-controlled clinical trials.

  • Pooled data from short-term, placebo-controlled studies in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are presented in Tables 1-4.