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The usual dose for chronic simple open-angle glaucoma is 250 mg 1 tablet to 1 gram 4 tablets per 24 hours. If the dose per 24 hours is greater than 250 mg, then the tablets are taken in divided doses. For secondary glaucoma and for use before surgery in people with acute closed-angle glaucoma, the usual dose is 250 mg every 4 hours.

For epilepsy, the recommended dose for children is based on their bodyweight. Children take 8 - 30 mg per kilogram of bodyweight a day in divided doses. The total daily dose must not be greater than 750 mg per day. This equals three tablets a day. For adults with epilepsy the usual dose is 250 mg 1 tablet to 1 gram 4 tablets daily in divided doses.

Phenobarbital: Acetazolamide can induce osteomalacia in patients treated chronically with barbiturates. Topiramate is a weak carbonic anhydrase inhibitor. Concomitant use of topiramate with acetazolamide or methazolamide may create a physiological environment that increases the risk of renal stone formation associated with topiramate use. Additionally, through an additive effect, the use of topiramate with agents that may increase the risk for heat-related disorders acetazolamide and methazolamidemay lead to oligohidrosis, hyperthermia and heat stroke.

Therefore, caution is advisable during concurrent use of pimozide and acetazolamide. According to the manufacturer, potassium deficiencies should be corrected prior to treatment with pimozide and normalized potassium levels should be maintained during treatment.

Pioglitazone: Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors may alter blood sugar. Potassium-sparing diuretics: Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors promote electrolyte excretion including hydrogen ions, sodium, and potassium. Pramlintide: Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors may alter blood sugar.

Primidone: Acetazolamide can induce osteomalacia in patients treated chronically with barbiturates. Quinidine: Acetazolamide can decrease excretion of quinidine because carbonic anhydrase inhibitors increase the alkalinity of the urine, thereby increasing the amount of nonionized drug available for renal tubular reabsorption.

Quinine: Quinine and its metabolites are primarily excreted by the kidneys, and excretion is decreased when the urine is alkaline. Alkalinization of the urine by drugs such as acetazolamide and methazolamide can decrease the renal clearance of quinine.

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You may continue taking Diamox up to 48 hours longer if your symptoms indicate the need for additional pills. IU Health Bloomington Hospital not affiliated with IU Health Center 601 West 2nd Street Bloomington, Indiana 47402 812 353-9515Monroe Hospital Emergency Department2555 West Fullerton Pike Bloomington, Indiana 47403 812 825-1111Eye Emergency CareIU School of Optometry 812 855-8436.

Donner discusses the use of Acetazolamide sold under the trade name Diamox in the prevention and treatment of acute mountain sickness AMS. This is video 4 of 17 of the high altitude illness altitude sickness series. KildegrunnlagIndirekte dataKilderSPC Ebixa100 stk.

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Possible side-effects include increased urinary volume, numbness, tingling, nausea, drowsiness, myopia and temporary impotence. Acetazolamide should not be given to pregnant women or anyone with a history of sulfa allergy. For those who cannot tolerate acetazolamide, an alternative is dexamethasone, which has been shown to prevent acute mountain sickness and high-altitude cerebral edema but not pulmonary edema.

The usual dosage is 4 mg four times daily. Unlike acetazolamide, dexamethasone must be tapered gradually upon arrival at altitude, since there is a risk that altitude sickness will occur as the dosage is reduced. Dexamethasone is a steroid, so it should not be given to diabetics or anyone for whom steroids are contraindicated.

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The deciding factor to guide a trekker should always be the duration and the altitude gain of the trek. It is best to start on a course of Diamox before you start the trek. If on the other hand you are on a 12-14 days trek, then you have sufficient time to allow your body to acclimatize to the altitude. Generally, you need to allow your body to acclimatize 24-48 hours at an altitude above 10,000 feet before going higher.

Trekkers are prone to AMS under such conditions.

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  • Diamox is not suitable for everyone.

  • Im worried that i have only been taking this medication for a very small period of time and already on a small dose seam to be experiencing unpleasant side effects such as pins and needles starting in my fingers and toes and eventually ending up my arms and legs.

  • I would have more faith in the OP's Doctor who would have a history with the OP.

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My doctor in Germany told me before I left that I would be OK as long as the altitude was under 2,000 m about 6,000 ft. I now live in Mexico at an altitude just under that and was told last week by a pulmonary specialist that I would do better at a lower altitude. Please update or use a different browser.

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  • Everyone climbing Mount Kilimanjaro should be familiar with the symptoms of altitude sickness.

  • This medicine may be taken with meals to lessen the chance of stomach upset.