Generic Name: Desonate

What is Desonate?

Be sure that no more than 7 days pass between 21 day packs. This means you take 2 pills in 1 day. You MUST use another birth control method such as condoms, foam, or sponge as a back-up method for those 7 days.

You may not have your period this month but this is expected. You do not need a back-up method. FINALLY, IF YOU ARE STILL NOT SURE WHAT TO DO ABOUT THE PILLS YOU HAVE MISSEDUse a BACK-UP METHOD anytime you have sex.

PREGNANCY DUE TO PILL FAILUREThe incidence of pill failure resulting in pregnancy is approximately one percent i. PREGNANCY AFTER STOPPING THE PILLThere may be some delay in becoming pregnant after you stop using oral contraceptives, especially if you had irregular menstrual cycles before you used oral contraceptives.

They are:menstrual cycles may become more regular. Therefore, anemia due to iron deficiency is less likely to occur. If you want more information about birth control pills, ask your doctor, healthcare provider, or pharmacist.

After taking Desogen for three months, many of these effects disappear but you should monitor your body closely and consider a different treatment if they persist or if they worsen. Check the leaflet that comes with the Desogen pack if you miss a pill and of course, if you are unsure as to whether you can two pills on one day, check with your doctor or medical practitioner.

To reduce the anxiety or stress further, it would be wise to use additional contraception at this time. Desogen is ideal for reducing the painful and embarrassing condition of acne in many women but unfortunately it is just not suitable for a certain percentage of woman. Desogen is a prescribed medicine that prevents pegnancy in a woman. Desogen is prescribed by doctors for treating other medical conditions but is is used by a large number of women as a convenient method of birth control.

Usually though it is not advisable to take an oral contraceptive like Desogne if you do suffer from diabetes, epilepsy or high cholesterol. If your periods are always irregular Desogen may be prescribed to regulate them but only your doctor or medical practitioner can decide this for you so be sure to give as much information to them as you can beforehand.

Until your hormone levels adjust to Desogen use added protection against pregnancy. You will place yourself at a higher risk from heart disease if you smoke, especially if you are 35 or older3.

Your doctor will tell you what is safe and what to avoid even some vitamins and mineral supplements should be mentioned to him 4. Please discuss with your doctor HOW LONG you can take Desogen for, as in years and also in what dose.

There is a leaflet in each pack that has the usual dose explained clearly and what to do if you miss a dose. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

How should I take Desonate?

Women with a history of depression should be carefully observed and the drug discontinued if depression recurs to a serious degree. Patients becoming significantly depressed while taking oral contraceptives should stop the medication and use an alternate method of contraception in an attempt to determine whether the symptom is drug related.

Contact lens wearers who develop visual changes or changes in lens tolerance should be assessed by an ophthalmologist. Contraceptive effectiveness may be reduced when hormonal contraceptives are coadministered with some antibiotics, anticonvulsants, and other drugs that increase metabolism of contraceptive steroids.

This could result in unintended pregnancy or breakthrough bleeding. This may also result in breakthrough bleeding.

What should I avoid while taking Desonate?

Ranolazine: Ranolazine is metabolized mainly by CYP3A. According to the manufacturer, the ranolazine dosage should be limited to 500 mg PO twice daily for patients receiving drugs known to be moderate CYP3A inhibitors. Although not specifically mentioned by the manufacturer, ethinyl estradiol is known to inhibit CYP3A4. A reduction in the ranolazine dose may be prudent if these two agents are administered concurrently. In addition, ranolazine may decrease the absorption of ethinyl estradiol via P-glycoprotein inhibition.

Rapacuronium: Estrogens have been associated in rare cases with pseudocholinesterase deficiency.

Desonate side effects

I dont think desogen has any special side effects then the other BCP have. Is it the same as Marvelon in Europe. But the progresteron in it should be anti-androgen and desogestrel that is I believe in Desogen is not particularly ANTI-androgen. So, why should you take it. My hair was also beautifull and thick during Marvelon for 20 years, but that was because my hormones did not gave me aga yet at that time.

Common Desonate ide effects may include:

  • Several side effects are marked among the users of Desogen.

  • Monitor for increased toxicity as well as increased therapeutic effect during times of coadministration.

  • This includes starting the pack late.

  • GERIATRIC USE This product has not been studied in women over 65 years of age and is not indicated in this population.

You will probably need to throw away the rest of the tablets in that cycle pack and start over. Another method of contraception should be used until at least 7 doses have been taken in the new cycle. Missing a pill can cause spotting or light bleeding.

Where can I get more information?

  • Lenalidomide: Concomitant use of lenalidomide with estrogens may increase the risk of thrombosis in patients with multiple myeloma patients who are also receiving dexamethasone.

  • For example, you should not take the pill if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant.