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They wanted to do a CT and Zofran didn't work so they gave me Compazine and I was still vomiting the CT contrast so. The only thing that works for my nausea is Marinol, the FDA approved drug that is made with synthetic THC the active ingredient in marijuana. It's the best medication for any symptom control of GP I've found.

Unfortuantely I need my dose upper because it's no longer working very well and they tried in the hospital and I flipped out pretty bad from the combo of that and pain meds.

I was all out hallucinating. And that is my only caution about Marinol. I function completely normally on it, can drive, etc. But like I said, I need my dose increased and am a bit unsure of that right now after what happened when they tried to increase it in the hospital but when they did increase it, it worked great for my nausea.

But it's not for everyone. I'm the same way.

Make sure your oncologist has an up-to-date list of every prescription and over-the-counter medicine you might take, and always double check with him or her about possible drug interactions. It seemed to help. I found it comical that I was taking as many drugs for nausea as for cancer. Acupuncture: My experience with acupuncture deserves a whole post of its own, which I will eventually write. Here, though, let me just say that I think it helped.

I managed to keep team-teaching a college course during chemotherapy, which is another story, but the nights I was teaching I sucked on peppermints or other hard candies, which somehow kept my stomach a little calmer. I lived in fear of having to vomit while teaching, but managed to escape that. Rest: Sometimes what worked was just crawling into bed, and hanging out there with no stimuli - no reading, no sounds, no smells, no motion.

Think about feeling seasick, and then try to do the complete opposite of being on a moving boat. I think it was important for me to give in to the fatigue, and sleep all day when I felt like sleeping all day. The more tired and stressed I was, the more nauseous I would feel when I was out and around.

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I am reading the posts and information on this site which is very informative and somewhat scary about her months to come. Her first chemo treatment went without nausea and some of the more severe side effects but the anti-nausea drug, Compazine seems to have caused the worst syptoms. She basically in a trance for 4 days.

She would just stare with her eyes barely open. These are side effects that we attributed to the first chemo since tiredness and fatigue are common but it appears Compazine was the problem. These side effects were not even mentioned to us and I have a concern. Has anyone else taken or have experience with Compazine.

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This reduces the symptoms characteristic of individuals with schizophrenia. The blockage also facilitates other effects, including the analgesic effects and antiemetic effects. Due to the action of the neurotransmitters and their receptors as a result of taking Compazine, this drug has multiple uses.

It is mostly used as an antipsychotic in cases of schizophrenia and severe anxiety, but it is also given to treat migraines and to prevent vomiting or nausea. The quantity and intervals between dosages will be determined by a doctor, depending primarily on the specific condition and how severe their symptoms may be.

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Just wondering if anyone takes Compazine after the onset of migraines. I am kind of afraid of it. I was given an IV of it when I went to the ER last week and it knocked out the migraine, but I got a flight as in fight or flight feeling that lasted ins. It did go away for a while posh i was given tegreto for my mygraine and i havent had one all the time ive been on it ive been free of them for 5 years now i was given it to help with the tingling i get in my limbs for fibromyalgia it heped that a bit but it has stopped my mygraines altogether ,perhaps you might like to ask youre doctor about it ,best wishes posh ins.

That is great to migraine free for 5 years. Thanks for your input.

Common Buy Contractubex Online ide effects may include:

  • Taking antipsychotic medication during the last 3 months of pregnancy may cause problems in the newborn, such as withdrawal symptoms, breathing problems, feeding problems, fussiness, tremors, and limp or stiff muscles.

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  • The ONLY nausea med that helps me anymore is the Zofran that dissolves under your tongue.

  • Generally, a few days to a week after a chemotherapy infusion was when the nausea was worst.

If you see such conditions contact your doctor immediately. Adults who are having dementia conditions should not take this medication as it might lead to sudden death, pneumonia, or heart failure. If you are already having conditions like glaucoma, heart disease, high blood pressure, severe asthma, adrenal gland tumor, urinary problems and prostate problems, then you have to disclose these conditions to your doctor for possible adjustment of dosage of Compazine.

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  • Oral prochlorperazine is available in 5 mg, 10 mg and 25 mg tablets as well as 10 mg, 15 mg and 30 mg sustained release capsules.

  • Not all possible interactions are listed here.