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Dublin 13, Dublin, Ireland 3. I have experience working in a school with 1st-6th class. I have also been a childminder for two children ages 8 and 9 including picking up from school, dropping to dance classes, making dinner and homework supervision. I am very passionate about the care of children and am enthusiastic, caring and professional.

Last Login: 6:51:05 AM Tuesday, June 20th 2017 AISLING D. My name is Aisling and I live in bayside Dublin 13. Raphaelas Stillorgan which I can provide references from as well as further experience with elderly and animals.

Thank you for reading my application, please contact me with any questions. I do hope you consider me for this job!. Last Login: 9:24:59 AM Saturday, June 17th 2017 SANDRA M.

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I also worked as a computer teacher, teaching children in different ages. Last Login: 9:29:38 AM Thursday, June 22nd 2017 LUANA H. I take care of lunch and hour sleep. The kids loves me and I would like to continue working with children. I need the half-time job, and I'm very anxious for this experience in another country.

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I do hope you consider me for this job!. Last Login: 9:24:59 AM Saturday, June 17th 2017 SANDRA M. I'm in Dublin 13. Last Login: 7:25:58 AM Saturday, June 24th 2017 BETANIA O. East Wall, Dublin, Ireland 3.

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As the eldest of 4 children, I have always been involved in and loved looking after kids. I began as a 'Mothers' Helper' to a family friend with a new baby when I was 11, from there receiving my Red Cross babysitting certification, and have worked with children of all ages every step of the way.

I always had several families I minded children for, and worked as the afternoon teacher for a class of toddlers for 2 years in a daycare centre while attending high school. After that, I worked regularly constantly for several families until college, at which point I became a full-time summer nanny for three wonderful children.

Unfortunately, children do grow up, and these ones happen to live back in America.

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  • Having said that, I have lived here, uneventfully, for nearly 38 years, and consider the trade-offs well worth it, for the excitement and convenience of having the city on my doorstep.

  • I like to be around children and play together.

  • Regards, Priscila Alves da Silva.

  • The house is very nice and treated and Karin was very kind is available, it gave us a lot of useful information for the Dublin visit.

Dublin 3, Dublin, Ireland 2. During my studies at university fine artsI combined studying with work. I worked as a dance monitor, giving workshops to children of all ages, and as a French teacher for children.

After my studies I volunteered in Valparaiso Chile where I was teaching in two small schools of alternative pedagogy. This was a very enriching experience and increased my knowledge about learning through play.

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  • And also I can work under the pressure.

  • I am also available to babysit during evenings or weekends.