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Colestipol and cholestyramineConcomitant administration of ion exchange resins such as cholestyramine or colestipol may reduce the plasma levels of clomipramine. John's wortConcomitant administration of Anafranil with St. Interactions affecting other drugsAnticholinergic agentsTricyclic antidepressants may potentiate the effects of these drugs e. Antiadrenergic agentsAnafranil may diminish or abolish the antihypertensive effects of guanethidine, betanidine, reserpine, clonidine and alpha-methyldopa.

CNS depressantsTricyclic antidepressants may potentiate the effects of alcohol and other central depressant substances e.

Sympathomimetic drugsAnafranil may potentiate the cardiovascular effects of adrenaline, ephedrine, isoprenaline, noradrenaline, phenylephrine, and phenylpropanolamine e. AnticoagulantsTricyclic antidepressants may potentiate the anticoagulant effect of coumarin drugs by inhibiting their metabolism by the liver.

Careful monitoring of plasma prothrombin is therefore advised. Drugs that can cause increase plasma clomipramine levels or which in themselves prolong the QTc intervalThe risk of QTc prolongation and Torsade de Pointes is likely to be increased if Anafranil is co-administered with other drugs that can cause QTc prolongation.

Therefore concomitant use of such agents with Anafranil is not recommended see section 4. This list is not exhaustive.

Anyone suspected of receiving an overdose of Anafranil, particularly children, should be hospitalised and kept under close surveillance for at least 72 hours. Perform gastric lavage or induce vomiting as soon as possible if the patient is alert. If the patient is not alert, secure the airway with a cuffed endotracheal tube before beginning lavage, and do not induce vomiting. These measures are recommended for up to 12 hours or ever longer after the overdose, since the anticholinergic effect of the drug may help to reduce drug absorption.

Since it has been reported that phyotigmine may cause severe bradycardia, asystole, and seizures, it's use is not recommended in cases of overdosage with Anafranil. The formation of pharmacobezoar may cause slow but continual release and absorption of clomipramine which may lead to overdose complications, including death, hours after drug ingestion and initial treatment with gastric lavage and activated charcoal.

Since gastric lavage may be ineffective and could further increase systemic drug levels, consideration should be given to physical removal of the pharmacobezoar by endoscopy or surgery in selected patients. Since these cases are rare, there is insufficient clinical data regarding optimal treatment which should take into account the size and location of the pharmacobezoar, patient symptoms and condition and drug levels Go to top of the page5. Metabolism:The primary route of clomipramine metabolism is demethylation to form the active metabolite, N-desmethylclomipramine.

N-desmethylclomipramine can be formed by several P450 enzymes, primary CYP3A4, CYP2C19, and CYP1A2. Clomipramine and N-desmethylclomipramine are hydroxylated to form 8-hydroxyclomipramine or 8-hydroxy-N-desmethylclomipramine. Clomipramine is also hydroxylated at the 2-position and N-desmethylclomipramine can be further demethylated to form didesmethylclomipramine.

The 2- and 8-hydroxy metabolites are excreted primarily as glucuronides in the urine. Elimination of the active components, clomipramine and N-desmethylclomipramine, by formation of 2-and 8-hydroxy clomipramine is catalysed by CYP2D6. Elimination:Oral clomipramine is eliminated from the blood with a mean half-life of 21 hours range 12-36 hand desmethylclomipramine with a half-life of 36 hours.

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Clomipramine may oppose the effect of histamine used to treat leukaemia and is not recommended for people having this treatment. The following medicines may increase the blood level of clomipramine and could increase the risk of its side effects:If you experience a dry mouth as a side effect of this medicine you may find that medicines that are designed to dissolve and be absorbed from under the tongue, eg sublingual glyceryl trinitrate GTN tablets for angina, become less effective.

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This means clomipramine may be particularly useful in treating depression in people who are also anxious and agitated.

It may take between two to four weeks for the benefits of this medicine to appear, so it is very important that you keep taking it, even if it doesn't seem to make much difference at first.

If you feel your depression has got worse, or if you have any distressing thoughts or feelings in these first few weeks, then you should talk to your doctor. Clomipramine may also be used in the treatment of obsessive disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder and phobia disorders.

It is not fully understood how clomipramine works in these conditions but it is thought to be related to the increased effect of serotonin and noradrenaline in the brain.

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As improvement may not occur during the first few weeks or more of treatment, patients should be closely monitored until such improvement occurs. It is general clinical experience that the risk of suicide may increase in the early stages of recovery. Other psychiatric conditions for which Anafranil is prescribed can also be associated with an increased risk of suicide-related events.

In addition, these conditions may be co-morbid with major depressive disorder. The same precautions observed when treating patients with major depressive disorder should therefore be observed when treating patients with other psychiatric disorders.

Common Cheap Anafranil Sr ide effects may include:

  • However, your doctor may decide that the benefits outweigh the risks in individual circumstances and after a careful assessment of your specific health situation.

  • Should I avoid certain foods while taking Anafranil.

  • Please report any suspected side effect on the Yellow Card Scheme website.

  • Decreased lacrimation and accumulation of mucoid secretions due to the anticholinergic properties of trycyclic antidepressants may cause damage to the corneal epithelium in patients with contact lenses.

In predisposed patients, tricyclic antidepressants may provoke pharmacogenic delirious psychoses, particularly at night. These disappear within a few days of withdrawing the drug. Cardiac and vascular disordersAnafranil should be administered with particular caution in patients with cardiovascular disorders, especially those with cardiovascular insufficiency, conduction disorders, e. Monitoring of cardiac function and the ECG is indicated in such patients.

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  • A quinidine-like effect and other reversible ECG changes in patients with normal cardiac status such as flattening or inversion of T-waves, depressed S-T segments.

  • Sympathomimetic drugs: Anafranil may potentiate the cardiovascular effects of adrenaline, ephedrine, isoprenaline, noradrenaline, phenylephrine, and phenylpropanolamine e.